コストコの歯医者オススメ商品 Costco dentist recommended products


Do you guys like Costco? If you are a frequent visitor or a less frequent visitor, please take a look at this article. This article is an article on July 24, 2019, so please note that the product may change over time.


Speaking of Costco, it ’s a big size product. It may be difficult to use up fresh food. This time, I would like to introduce the best dental products.


However, I did a lot of product checks this time, but I couldn’t find any good food for your teeth. After all, there were many American-like products, so it seemed that there were overwhelmingly more foods that seemed to be decayed. Therefore, I will introduce dental goods, not food.

①ドラえもんハブラシ12本セット Doraemon toothbrush set of 12



The first is a set of 12 Doraemon toothbrushes. It’s just under 1000 yen. I think this is quite profitable. Children’s toothbrushes often bend their hair ends immediately. Therefore, it is better to replace the hairbrush as soon as it is bent than to use one toothbrush for a long time. In that sense, it is better to buy a good toothbrush with good cost performance . Also, the toothbrush hardness is usually just right. This toothbrush is for 3-6 years old.

②リカルデントガム ジューシーグレープミント BIGボトル Ricardent Gum Juicy Grape Mint BIG Bottle

リカルデントガム ジューシーグレープミント BIGボトル
リカルデントガム ジューシーグレープミント BIGボトル


The second is a juicy grapemint BIG bottle from Ricardodent gum. This is a big size that is about twice the size that is normally sold. If you can eat this as well, I think it is very cost effective. I recommend this juicy grape mint flavor. However, please be aware that if you eat too much, your stomach may hurt.

③ブラウン オーラルBのキッズタイプ(替えブラシ3本付)BRAUN Oral-B Kids Type (with 3 replacement brushes)

BRAUN OralBキッズタイプ


The third is the BRAUN Oral-B Kids type Pokemon version. This may be a lot of tension for children. What’s more, this product allows you to see the hidden Pokémon characters by brushing your teeth on the Internet screen for 2 minutes. To concentrate on the character, you can brush your teeth for 2 minutes in no time. Keeping motivation is the most difficult thing for a child’s tooth brushing, so I think that it is a product that supports such a part firmly. In addition, we think that it is product which is advantageous in terms of cost performance as it comes with three replacement brushes. If you have a child who likes Pokemon, why not try it?


In addition, we will introduce another product.

④二週間分のロカボナッツ Two weeks worth of rocka nuts.



The extra introduction is these two weeks of rocka nuts. These rockabonuts are low in carbohydrates and are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins. This allows you to eat healthy snacks. I think that you may lose your stomach at night or at work. Recommended at such times. Although there is almost no taste with little sugar, it is very easy to eat and recommended. Make sure to choose healthy sweets.


The above four products are Costco products I recommend this time. What do you think? If you are interested, please try it. I would like to introduce some recommended products in the future. Thank you.

虫歯になりにくい歯科専売品お菓子知ってますか? Do you know dentistry sweets that are difficult to decay?


Hello. Do you all know the funniest dentistry that doesn’t cause tooth decay? Actually, there is a dentist’s monopoly that can only be obtained through the dentist route. Moreover, there are many delicious and recommended items. I would like to introduce you to this funniest.

歯科専売品とは? What are dental products?


Exclusive dental products are products that can only be purchased at a dental clinic. There are toothbrushes and toothpastes, but there are also other sweets that do not easily cause tooth decay.


These products are usually purchased from vendors who purchase dental clinic products. For this reason, it is difficult for ordinary people to purchase.


However, there are many highly recommended products for these products, and I always think that there is a route that the general public can purchase more and more.


This time, we will introduce these exclusive products.

①歯医者さんが作った棒キャンディ Candy bar made by dentist



First of all, this candy made by this dentist. I think this is nostalgic for everyone. I remember eating candy with a stick.


This candy is made of xylitol, reduced palatinose, maltitol, and reduced malt syrup. As for xylitol, it has the effect of making it hard to become caries due to its anti-cariogenic properties. Other reduced palatinose, maltitol, and reduced malt starch syrup are non-cariogenic and do not have the effect of preventing caries, but they are sweeteners that do not cause caries.


Also, the taste is very tasty, and it’s no different from the stick candy you’ve eaten until now. If you do this, you can eat delicious sweets while also having the effect of making it difficult to become tooth decay.

②キシリコーラ Xylicola



The second is xylicola. This is a cola gummy candy made of xylitol. This cola gummy candy is very delicious and very popular with children. I think that children like gummy candy originally. Therefore, it is very popular. Moreover, because it contains xylitol, it also has the effect of making it hard to become a decayed tooth.


I often buy it as a favorite.

③キシリの力噛む噛むスルメ Sume made of xylitol



The third is a Sume made of xylitol. This uses xylitol to season the sume. This is great for adult snacks. The taste is very delicious.


It is just right when you are hungry, such as at work. In addition, the sume need to chew a lot, which stimulates the center of satiety and provides a feeling of fullness.


Recommended for those who are concerned about calories and those with diabetes. I actually buy and eat it, but I really recommend it.

最後に Finally


There are lots of recommended confectionery products that are recommended exclusively for dental use. However, because there are many cases that can not be introduced to the general public, I introduced it here. There are still many special confectionery items, so I would like to introduce them again if there are recommended ones. In addition, since these products are exclusive items and can only be purchased at a dental clinic, please ask if you are not at your dentist. There is a possibility of handling it. Thank you.