歯を削らない治療はホント?Is the treatment that doesn’t sharpn teeth really?


Everyone. Have you ever seen a “non-sharpening treatment” in newspapers, advertisements, or dentist websites?


There was a time when the number of inquiries increased greatly as a result of being featured in newspapers a while ago. Although it has decreased now, it was very interesting for patients.


So what kind of treatment is it actually?


I will explain some typical treatments.

①オゾン治療 Ozone treatment


This is to sterilize the caries by applying ozone to the caries part only. You can sterilize 99.9% of caries bacteria by just touching the caries for 20 seconds. However, it did not penetrate so much because it was too expensive.

オゾンの特性 Characteristics of ozone

①有害な残留物はなし No harmful residue


Compared to conventional sterilization with chlorine and other chemicals, ozone sterilization is about 3500 times faster, leaving no harmful residue.

②短時間で酸素に分解 Decomposes to oxygen in a short time


Despite its strong oxidizing, sterilizing and disinfecting properties, it is characterized by being decomposed into oxygen in a short time.

③世界中で積極的に活用 Active use around the world


It is actively used in environments where it is inevitable that the human body will be harmless, such as advanced purification systems for tap water, purification of indoor air, disinfection of pools and hot springs, and maintenance of food freshness through sterilization. It is.



Small amount has no effect on human body

②3mix-MP治療 3mix-MP treatment


This method is a method to sterilize dental caries by mixing three kinds of drugs. This is a treatment that we also have in our dental clinic. However, in this treatment, management of the procedure and medicine is important. If the technique and storage are not performed accurately, no effect will be obtained. For this reason, it is necessary to have a solid technical acquisition and thorough management. Until now, the treatment of dental caries has been to scrape away the infected bacteria with the infected teeth. However, in that case, there was a risk that the bacteria would be left behind because they were invisible. Therefore, medical science is the same as the idea, and it is said that 3mix-MP is based on the method of direct sterilization with drugs.

まとめ Summary


In ozone treatment, it is possible to sterilize the bacteria of the caries without sharpn the teeth. However, it is necessary to repair the holed part after sterilization. Normally, it will be sealed with white plastic, but the tooth material infected with carious bacteria is softly decalcified and the plastic material used to repair it often does not stick well. Therefore, it will be difficult to treat without removing the infected tooth because it will be repaired by shaving the infected tooth to some extent.


Next, regarding the 3mix-MP method, in order to sterilize the bacteria of the caries, a mixture of three types of antibiotics is placed in the cavity of the caries and sealed. In this case, if the blockade is not perfect, it will not be effective. For this reason, as in the case described above, the portion infected with the bacteria of the caries is cut to some extent to produce a fresh tooth, and then the filling with plastic is not necessarily a treatment that does not cut at all.


In this way, it can be said that these treatments reduce the amount of teeth compared to normal caries treatments, but they are not completely eliminated. There are so many inquiries about people who are not good at cutting teeth and vibrations, so some people are disappointed to explain these details. However, there is no doubt that treatment can still be quite comfortable. However, if the treatment method is not perfect, the effect may not be achieved and it may not be successful.


If you have any other questions, please consult with us.